You know you should read James Joyce's Ulysses. But do you want to read it? Yes, yes you do. Or you will, after you hear Lance and L.B. interview jour...View Details

Theater and film impresario Jason Neulander discusses his favorite book, Dostoevsky's masterpiece Demons. What has a novel of violent revolution set i...View Details

Writer Olive Balla returns to talk to Lance and L.B. about her latest crime thriller, Code Murder, as well as her previous works. 

Lance and L.B. welcome Austin Chronicle arts editor and Texas legend Robert Faires to discuss a book he's loved since he was a kid: Ray Bradbury's Som...View Details

Arts and entertainment editor and book critic Jody Seaborn comes on board to discuss the Lawrence Stern masterpiece The Life and Opinions of Tristram ...View Details

The astonishing woman of the theater Beth Burns leads Lance and L.B. through the history and meaning of Arden of Faversham, an Elizabethan true-crime ...View Details

Author, comic, filmmaker, showman and genius Owen Egerton comes on board for a live interview about Kurt Vonnegut's novel Breakfast of Champions. 

Guest hosts David Moses Fruchter and W. Joe Hoppe interview L.B. Deyo about his novel, The God-Damn Fool.

Austin stage star Web Jerome shares her obsession with George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, the books that inspired the HBO show Game o...View Details

Kaci Beeler isn't one to limit herself to a genre, a medium, or a subject. Lance and L.B. had her on to discuss her plays, including Killer Girls and ...View Details

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